• Balloon IdeasJuly 10, 2014

    Balloon, this round thing is definitely a familiar thing, and when you go to a party you will likely find some of that thing. And here, Wiggle Giggle will throw some interesting ideas about what you can do with balloons. For parties or for daily uses.

    1. Pompom Balloon

    Your parties for the little ones will likely involve balloons. Make those balloons look different by adding extra touch that will bring more beautiful and attractive looks. Put some small pompoms on them. Ask your little ones to help you with this project. It will be fun, after all it’s for their own party.
    What you need are: transparent balloons, glue, and some small pompom.
    For the balloons, transparent ones will make the pompoms stand out in contrast with the background. But then again, you can always pick your own favorite color for the balloons. Your choice

    Steps :

    • Prepare the balloons filled with air / gas, glue, and don’t forget the small pompoms.
    • When all are there, you just put some glue on the ballons surface (make sure your glue areas match the size of those small pompoms).
    • Choose different colors for every balloons , just a suggestion.
    • Now the pompom balloons are ready for the party.
    Photo Source : http://www.designimprovised.com/2013/06/decorating-balloons.html

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    2. Fancy Frill Balloon

    Improve the looks of your balloons with colorful frills. They can be very useful for phoo props or your party decorations. All you need to prepare are just the giant balloons, colorful fabrics, metallic garland, curling ribbon and a pair of scissors.

    Steps :
    • Make the frills, cut the fabric from bottom to top. Don’t forget to leave around 3-4 cm at the top of the fabric.
    • Make a hole there. It will be used to tie the curling ribbon.
    • Tie the curling ribbon, and then tie the curling ribbon to the – already inflated – balloon.
    • Now that you have frills attached to the balloon. You can also put more glittering touch by attaching metallic garland, for example.
    • Now you have Fancy Frill Balloon ready for the party. 

    Photo Source : http://sugarandcloth.com/2012/01/diy-fancy-frill-balloons/

    3 . Surprise Someone You Love with Balloons


    Do you want to surprise your loved ones or your little ones? This ballooon present can be considered as alternative gift for the person you love. Unique, attractive and unforgetable . Materials : solid balloons, nylon ribbon, paper stick tape. 
    And below you can find  steps for preparing surprise gifts

    Steps :
    • Prepare the box for balloons, helium-filled balloons, and don’t forget the written greeting card you have prepared earlier for your loved one. 
    • Put greeting  card on the bottom of the box, make sure it is covered by the box lid.
    • Put threaded-by-nylon-ribbons balloons into the box.
    • Stick the nylon ribbon to the bottom of the box (the one cvering your greeting card). Use stick tape.
    • Force all your balloons inside the box, and then close the top part and seal it.
    • Surprise gift is ready.
    Photo Source : http://www.studiodiy.com/2013/01/08/diy-balloon-surprise/

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    4. Photo Display

    Not only wooden pegs and twines that can be used to hang photographs. Use balloons as hangers for your party photos. All you need are balloons filled with gas, and some favorite photos in farmes. Tie a nylon ribbon into the hole on the photograph, use the ribbon as a connetor to a floating balloon. Now your photographs can be used to decorate your parties, accompanied by colorful ballons. This can be applied to wedding parties, baby shower or birthday parties.

    Photo Source : http://www.weddingomania.com/romantic-diy-balloon-chandelier-for-your-engagement-or-wedding/

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    5. Balloon Weights with Tiny Photos



    Make a creation of balloon weights using photos of your loved ones or favorite celebrities. Prepare latex balloons filled with gas. And for the weights, prepare photos that you want to use. Cut them according to the shape. Make holes in the upper part and use them to tie the photos to the balloons. Very easy way to fill your parties with various characters. Unique and definitely attractive. 

    Photo Source : 

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    6. LED Balloon

    Invite some colorful lights to your oarties with LED Balloons. Light it up with this following idea.
    Materials : balloons, LED lamps, nylon ribbon.

    How to light those colorful balloons
    • Prepare your LED , take it from LeD lamps to make it easy.
    • Fill the balloons with gas. Put the LED inside at the botton part of the balloons, tie the balloons with rubber so the gas will not leak out. Try and light up the LED. Make sure it’s working.
    • Tie the balloons with nylon ribbons and just let them go fill your room.
    • Enjoy your attractive, interesting and colorful parties. 
    Photo Source : http://www.brit.co/light-up-your-party-with-led-balloons/

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    7. Balloon Jar

    Do you want to have colourful jars for your party? How about using balloons for that? You see, balloons are not only for room decorations, but they can also add some unique touch to your party stuffs. 
    Here’s what you have to prepare.
    Materials : color balloons, jar, scissors 

    Steps :
    • Prepare all the materials that you need.
    • Cut balloons into 2 , make sure the cutting is neat
    • Take the upper part of balloon, then cover it into the bottom part of jar
    • Prepare several jars and several balloons with your choice of colors
    • Now you have colorful jars for the party. 
    This is so easy and perfect for you who want different jar colors for different parties. It sure is a lot easier and more practical than painting the jar. You just match the balloon’s color with your theme. Try this for your party !!

    Photo Source : http://www.brit.co/balloon-dipped-jars/ 

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    8. Lollipop Balloon


    Ever imagine getting  giant lollipops for a present? Or taking picture with them? Now you can actually have them with lollipop balloons. You will need balloons, nylon ribbon, balloon stick and cup, plastic wrapper.

    And then you do these: 
    • Prepare and fill balloons with air.
    • Put those balloons into their cup and sticks
    • After that, you just wrap them with plastic wrapper, make them look like candies in plastic.
    • Then, tie the bottom part of balloons with nylon ribbon.
    • Now you have lollipop balloons and you can use them for photo props or souvenirs. 

    Easy way to an interesting party.

    Photo Source : 

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     Fill Balloon with Confetti and Money

    Have you prepared your party balloons? Here’s an idea, before you fill them up with gas, why don’t you fill them with confetti? Or some money maybe? This will brighten up the party, and also can be used as doorprize as well.

    Photo Source : 

    Product available at wiggle giggle : transparent solid balloon, pink nylon ribbon, pink solid balloon

    10. Freeze Balloon

    Want to keep your beverages cold during the party, and want to do it in style? How about colorful cooling  balloons to keep them cold for a long party?Just have yourself balloons, water, soft drinks and buckets.
    Fill the balloons with water, tie them up nice and tight, put them in the freezer until they are frozen. After that, it’s just a matter put 
    them into buckets and serve soft drinks with them. Very cool.

    Photo Source :

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    11. Balloon Invitation


    Party guest should think and sweat a little to get the info about party you are throwing.  If that’s your plan, make an invitation on personalization balloons. Design the invitation and print it on a balloon. When it’s ready, get some envelopes, omega papers, flat paper bags, twines , scissors and glue.
    Here’s how you prepare them. 

    Steps :
    • Invitation pad can be made from a piece of omega paper. Make the size as you want it. 
    • Then stick a flat paper bag as an accent in the middle of that omega paper.
    • Punch a hole in the middle of the invitation. This is for the twine that is used to tie the balloon.
    • Now take the deflated balloon, and tie it to the invtation with a piece of twine.
    • Don’t forget to write down an instruction to blow the balloon, so guests can find the party infos they need and read them clearly.
    • Put the invitation inside an envelop
    • Your invitation is now ready.


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    12. Pop Up Message Balloon

    Balloons can represent your feelings. This pop up message balloons can be a media for simple communication. It is very easy to prepare giant balloons, paper, pencil, ruler, scissors and glue.
    And very easy to make too.

    • Prepare some papers  dan pens (or pencils).
    • Write down the pop up message, keep in mind that you have to leave some space below the letters for sticking it to the balloon.
    • Cut all the letters and stick them to the top of balloon
    • Your pop up message is ready, and can be used for photo property or party decorations


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    13. Balloon Centerpiece

    Balloons can be used  for your dessert table’s decoration. You can use them to make centerpiece Just prepare some balloons, filled them with gas dan tie them up to balloon weights. Next thing is the media. You can use berry basket, small picnic basket, paper cups or baking cups. Use colorful tissues for the base, they serve as decoration and at the same time covering the weights. Now you have colorful balloons as your centerpiece.

    Photo Source : http://kristineskitchenblog.com/2013/03/18/butterfly-cupcakes-for-julias-butterfly-birthday-party/


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    14. Halloween Balloon

    When it is halloween and time to decorate, you don’t always have to find the pumpkin or pumpkin-shaped lamp for decoration. Halloween decorations can be made from balloons, it’s definitely easier. Prepare some orange balloons. You can make the face by using black paper, shape them, cut and then stick. Add some “hair” at the top, those are from tissue paper. Cut them into small pieces, take a pich and just stick them at the top.

    Photo Source : http://www.ranario.com/unique-halloween-ornament-design-to-your-house/incredible-diy-balloon-pumpkin-patch-with-orange-color-design-ideas/#.U6krI5SSzao

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    15. Balloon Drop


    Let’s party with colorful balloons. Little ones will love balloons in their parties. Surprise those little partygoers with you balloon drop. It will be raining balloons.
    To be prepared : cloth, colorful balloons, string and needle. 
    Steps :
    • Prepare two pieces of cloth.
    • Sew them loosely together in the middle. Leave some strings loose for you to pull the cloth apart later on .
    • Stick the other end of the cloth to your ceiling.
    • Put as many balloons on the hanging cloth that you just made.
    Time to party. Pull the strings right in the middle of the party. Hillarious, it will be.


    Photo Source : http://pinnedit.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-balloon-drop.html

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    16. Banner Balloon

    You will get two things with this banner balloons, just as the name, you will have a banner plus baloon decoration. But the balloon itself must be interesting. Before you fill them with air, just put some confetti inside. After this you can inflate them. Now for the banner, you need to prepare the letters from paper, match the size with your inflated balloons. Cut and stick them to balloons one letter a balloon. When they are all completed, it is time to hang them to make words and sentence(s). Hang them onto a banner ribbon with a help from twines. 

    Photo Source : 

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     Gold Splatter Paint Balloon


    Make an abstract look for your photo props with golden color. Prepare gold paint, small brush, bowl and balloons.

    Photo Source : 


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    18. Hot Air Balloon

    Children love hot air balloons. You can make those balloons yourself with your choice of color.The color that your like. 
    The hot air ballooncan be used for parties or room decoration. You will need balloon, nylon ribbon, basket, color tissue, net.

    Here’s how you do it :
    • Prepare your gas-filled ballon.
    • For the basket, you can use Natural Berry Basket
    • Cut nylon ribbon to your taste, match them with balloon diameter. Make some of these for connecting basket and balloon.
    • Decorate the basket with colorful tissue.
    • Tie the ribbon around the basket, evenly.
    • Prepare the net, make it as top cover for the balloon.
    • When all is set , put the ballon inside and you are ready
    Photo Source : http://bkids.typepad.com/bookhoucraftprojects/2011/05/project-84-hot-air-balloon.html

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    19. Flower Balloon

    Make a flower decoration for your children’s birthday party from balloons. For every flower you will need 5 balloons with the same color as petals, and 1 with different color as center part, also some nylon ribbon.

    Steps : 
    • Prepare 5 balloons of the same color.
    • Tie them all together by the bottom part.
    • After that, take 1 balloon with different color for the center part, tie it above those previous 5.
    • Tie your flower with nylon ribbon to make it look nice and cute. 
    Photo Source : http://www.marthastewart.com/265961/flower-power-birthday-party

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    20.  Wall Decoration with Balloon

    Tired of that flat wall behind your dessert table? Painting it will be troublesome. Don’t worry, you can color them with balloons. Wall decoration from balloons variations is the way to go. It’s very easy, just use many balloons with colors of your choice, with sizes of your choice and a double-tape. Stick them balloons with double-tape. Arrange them to your taste. Your wall will look different with no trouble at all.

    Photo Source : 

    Product available at wiggle giggle : transparent solid balloon

    21. Balloon Garland


    Decorate your ceiling with strings of balloon garland. Make your party as colorful as you balloons. Just need string / ribbon / nylon ribbon for the garland and of course many balloons,colorful ones. You don’t need to inflate them with helium, just pump them with ordinary air pump. Inflate them, tie them to the string, same distance matching the length of the garland or the number of balloons you got. Easy decoration for your party. 

    Photo Source : 

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