• Birthday Door Balloon SurpriseMarch 30, 2015

    Give your little ones a special surprise for the birthdays. Make something creative, something extraordinary. Don’t do common things. Well, usually people throw a surprise birthday parties with birthday cake and trumpet. That’s very common. Wiggle Giggle will give you a unique idea for bithday surprise. This time, it is a project which need a little bit of sacrifice, but it’s a sacrifice that will be paid many folds when you see the smile on their faces.

    We have Birthday Balloon Door Surprise.

    Let’s decorate our children’s room door with balloons and other decorations. It will be a big surprise! For this surprise, prepare them when your kids are sound asleep. You may need to wake up all night when you have a late sleeper J. But, it is worth the effort.


    You need to prepare these things:

    • Latex balloons (solid or polka balloons)
    • Helium gas
    • Tape
    • Nylon ribbon
    • Craft paper
    • Paper decoration 

    Here’s what you need to do :

    • Prepare all the materials above
    • Cut the craft paper according to the door’s width, plus around 6 cm. 3 cm for each sides to stick the paper.
    • The number of craft papers to be stuck into the door depends on the door’s height.
    • When all done, it is time to inflate the balloons with helium gas. 
    • Choose the color to your kids’ favorite. And you can always combine solid balloons with polka balloons.
    • You can add accents with nylon ribbon at the bottom of the balloons.
    • Just slip the balloons between the door and the paper crafts. How many balloons per line, it is entorely up to you.

    • You can also put additional paper decorations in front of the door.
    • Prepare your camera. Get ready for the unforgettable expression.

    When the birthday kid open the door, enjoy the surprised expression! 

    Ideas Source : http://www.balloontime.com/PartyIdeas/Birthdays/birthday-door-balloon-surprise.aspx

    Products available at Wiggle Giggle : solid balloons, polka balloons, honeycomb, paper decorations, nylon ribbon