• Bug HoneyocmbMarch 02, 2015

    Another interesting party decoration inspiration from us here at Wiggle Giggle. It is for your kid’s parties. When you want to give the party a garden theme, you can make this bug honeycomb for decoration. So easy to make, you can even ask your little ones to make it by themselves.

    Things to prepare are as below : 

    • Honeycomb, you can use various sizes available.
    • Furry wire
    • Black round paper (for the heads and the dots)

    And now the steps below :

    • Prepeare the honeycomb. Wehave 3 sizes available at Wiggle Giggle.
    • Open the honeycomb halfway, you don’t need to make it into a full round ball because you are going to need to stick the bugs to the wall.
    • Time to decorate the bug’s body with the black dots. Just stick them randomly.

    • Use one piece of round paper to make the head. Stick it at the bottom of the honeycomb.
    • Now, add the antennae to the head. Use the furry wire. Cut them to the desired length and then curl it around 90 degrees to make it look like a bug’s antennae. Stick them to the head afterwards.
    • You can make various sizes of bugs. We have honeycomb in 15 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm diameter.

    Product available at wiggle giggle : red honeycomb