• Butterfly Lollipop February 16, 2015

    Butterfly Lollipop


    Dear our lovely customers..


    Wiggle Giggle will share unique and creative ideas for your loved ones. Can be applied to parties or just for leisure activities together with your children to develop their creativity and bringing fun at the same time..


    Now introducting butterfly lollipop.


    Here’s a simple way to make cute lollipops for your children’s party..


    You need to prepare these things below.

    • Polka paper to be cut into butterfly shape (you decide the size)
    • Lollipop
    • Scissors
    • Paper perforator

    How to make it? Read below for your butterfly lollipop


    • Cut the polka paper into butterfly  shape. Choose the color as you like. Butterfly pattern can be drawn by hand or find it in the internet.

    • At the center of the paper, make to holes for inserting the lollipops into.

    • Insert the lollipop into the butterfly, and.....

    • Butterfly lollipop is ready for the party!
    • These cute butterflies can be the party souvenirs or also can serve as the desserts.

    For dessert table, you can decorate the lollipop stick with decoration that looks like garden, so they will look like butterflies flying over a green garden. You can also add flowers decorations and bee lollipops.

    For a simple souvenirs,  wrap the butterfly or bee lollipops in a transparent plastics, tie them up with twinie string and just add a thank you tags.