• Disco BalloonsFebruary 28, 2015

    Let's party with disco balloons.

    How to make it ?

    You only need solid latex balloons, sequins, glue

    Here are the steps for preparing your disco balloon.

    • Let’s just say that you have prepared the balloon. Inflated already.
    • Stick sequins randomly on the balloon’s surface. You can use single color sequins, or a combination of 2 or more colors.

    • Use paper glue. If you use other kinds of glue, the chemical might be too hot for the rubber balloons and causing them to explode. That’s a risk we would like to avoid.

    • Wait until the glue dry up.
    • Voila! Disco balloons! Ready for parties or photo session.

    Note : Do not use Uhu or any liquid glue. We recommend solid glue (glue stick) that is soft for the balloons and will not spill over. 

    Product available at wiggle giggle : black solid balloons, transparent solid balloons, stick and cup