• Double BalloonsFebruary 28, 2015

    More awesome party ideas from Wiggle Giggle! The thing is, no party without decorations, and one common decor is balloon. Let’s  make our balloons just  common balloons, make them different! Here is double balloons idea. What is that? Imagine a balloon inside a balloon. Cool? Here’s the crative idea from Wiggle Giggle.

    Just prepare these.

    • Outer balloons (we suggest transparent balloons for this) 
    • Inner balloons (heart shaped)

    And below is how to make one.

    • First thing, after you decide thetwo balloons that you are going to use, you  should insert the inner balloon inside your outer balloon. 

    • Choose the outer and inner balloons (shape and color) to your mood and party theme. 

    • Then, it is time to inflate those balloons. First, inflate the outer balloon. Remember to hold the inner balloon securely, it will be extremely difficult to inflate a loose inner balloon. 

    • Done with outer balloon, now it is time for the inner balloon. Blow them slowly.
    • Do not over-inflate the inner balloon, keep the size moderate.
    • Then, it is time to tie this double balloon to a stick and cup.
    • Make some more, Double balloons are ready for party!

    There is another Wiggle Giggle way to make these double balloons. Same material, same ingredients. Outer balloons and inner balloons, just as previous way.
    Here are the steps for you.

    • This time, inflate the inner balloon first.
    • Tie it up immediately after the inner balloon is ready.
    • And then, next, inflate the outer balloon. The same, immediately tie it up after.
    • Double balloons are ready !
    • What is the difference? This way, the inner balloons can move freely inside the outer balloons.

    Product availble at wiggle giggle : Transparent Solid Balloons, Stick and Cup