• Easter Decoration Making Activity for Birthday PartyApril 01, 2015

    Easter is close, and many of you perhaps already think about incorporating this theme in various events, including kid’s birthday party. In fact, you can incorporate Easter eggs in kid’s birthday party as both decoration and fun activity, celebrating the day with simple yet convenient ways. Party supply store also provides many tools and party supplies for Easter-themed activities and birthday party, including for kids.


    Easter eggs can be both Easter decoration and activity in a kid’s birthday party, and you do it with convenient party supplies you can even buy online.


    Easter Egg-Painting Kit for Party Supply

    When you want to conduct Easter related party, make Easter egg-painting the main activity for little guests. You can provide eggs to paint with sets of painting kits, and afterward, you can put the eggs as decorations or give them as handmade party favors. The Easter egg-painting kit usually consists of eggs with pre-made picture outlines such as flowers, animals or cartoon characters, complete with non-toxic painting kit and brush for the painting activity.


    Here’s what you can do to make the party lively with Easter egg-painting:

    • Ask the kid guests to come early if they wish to help decorating the party venue with Easter eggs. They can paint the eggs with painting kits you give (you and parents or chaperones can guide the kids). Dry the eggs while they are playing, eating and enjoying the party.
    • Spread the eggs on the yard or lawn and have Easter egg-hunting session as one of party events.
    • You can also put the eggs on various corners in the room or house, making them additional festive decorations for the party.
    • Give the Easter eggs as party favors when the party is over.

    After the Easter eggs are dried, you can use them as Easter decoration for the party. You can also do the Easter egg-painting activity in the middle of the party instead, and make it a competition between kids.


    Safety of Easter Egg-Painting Kit

    Is Easter egg-painting kit safe? Most reputable party supply stores usually make sure that the egg-painting kits are safe and made of non toxic ingredients. Also, make sure the store has proper and trusted delivery service to keep the coloring kit in intact condition once it arrives to your house. With safe coloring kits, Easter egg-painting can be really fun way to create additional decoration as well as make kids happy in an Easter-themed birthday party.