• Frozen Miniature DecorationDecember 22, 2014

    Want to use Frozen character replica for your party decoration?  You can even design the dress for them..

    Want to know how to make them?

    Here’s Wiggle Giggle inspiration for you.

    Prepare the materials as follow:

    • Picture of Frozen character (you can use Pincess Elsa, Princess Anna, or both)
    • Paper Straws
    • Sticking tape
    • Double Tape
    • Pompom
    Here’s how you make them:
    • First, you need to prepare the pompom that is already shaped and arranged like flower. Match the color with the picture and character that you use, or maybe you can match them it with the theme of the party.

    • Cut the picture from Frozen printout (you can find the picture yourself from the internet and print it). Cut the upper part of the character. Or you can print the picture yourself. 

    • Now that the picture is ready, take one paper straws and stick the paper straw to the back of the picture with the tape. This straw functions as the structure for the picture so you can arrange it in upright position. And also it serves as the media where the gown will be attached. Paper straws are in fact stronger than plastic straws for this purpose.

    • Then, attach double tape to the bottom of paper straw, approximately 5 cm.

    • Stick the straw in the middle of the pompom. So the pompom gown can be attached at the bottom part of the picture.  

    • Voila! Frozen character replica is ready! You can use it for table decoration or hanging decoration. Surely it will be an eye catching to your guest! 

    Easy, unique and creative. Happy Trying!

    Product available at wiggle giggle : blue pompom small, dark purple pompom small, paper straws.