• Goodie Bag PackagingJune 12, 2014

    Have you prepared the goodie bags for your party? You can change an ordinary paper bags and make it more eye-catching also match your party theme  and your favorite color.

    Here’s an idea of a creation you can make.

    Materials : Green Chevron Standing paper Bags, Double Pink Twine, Tags, Scissors, Perforator

    Now, this is how you decorate your goodie bags.

    • Have all the materials for your goodie bags ready, empty paper bags (to make it easier and more accurate to be perforated), paper perforator, twine, tags, and scissors. 

    • After that, start by opening up the paper bag (if it is a standing paper bag, if it is flat paper bag you don’t have to do it) and them make holes on the upper part with perforator. You can also fold the upper part of the paper bag until the height is as you want it. Then you perforate he bag.

    • Prepare the twine which will act as handle and accessories for the bags. Insert twine into the two holes at the back part so the two ends will come out on the front side of the paper bag. Next, you need to insert tag and tie the twine into a knot. 

    • Goodie Bag is ready for the party. And you can also use it for party souvenir.

    Easy right!! Now you can do it yourself at home! 

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