• Halloween Decoration IdeasOctober 27, 2014

    Already preparing party stuff for your Halloween party ?

    Now you can create a unique and cute party. Make your Halloween party different from others’. Make a modern non-scary Halloween party .

    Let’s start with Sequined pumpkins

     Sequined Pumpkins

    Give extra touch to your pumpkin. Get some imitation or plastic pumpkins at your decoration store. Choose your pumpkins’ colour and size as you like. After that, you can prepare the sequins. Buy the sequins at your favorite accessories store. You can choose between those who already in patterns or just loose beads of sequins. And also don’t forget to prepare some glue.

    Here are the steps for decorating your halloween pumpkins.

    • Prepare all materials and tools.
    • Arangge the sequins to make a pattern that you make on the surface of the pumpkins. Glue them. It will be very easy if the sequins are already arranged in patterns, so all you have to do is glue it to the pumpkin.
    • If you want to make your own creation, just prepare the sequinsand make pattern that you like. Stick them by applying glue to pumpkin .
    • Now you have Halloween pumpkins for indoor or outdoor decorations.

    Ideas Source : http://makinglemonadeblog.com/diy-halloween-decor-sequined-pumpkins/

    2. Jars of Light

    Light your party using colorful and full-of-picture jars. Use those jars of light as party lighting or just for decorations. First thing you need to do is prepare the jars and small candles. And then follow the steps below.

    • Take the jar ad paint it with pictures of Halloween, like haunted house, ghosts, bats, spider webs, etc. 
    •  Light the candle, then put it inside the jar.
    • Be careful with the candles. It’s hot, dear
    • The jar is lit. The jar is ready for your party.

    Ideas  Source : http://jedicraftgirl.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloween-craft-day.html


    3.  Tin Can Luminaries

    Use those cans around you to decorate your Halloween party. What you need are used cans, milk can, food can, any kind of cans with various size as you like. And then prepare some nails, hammer, candles, water and cloth.
    Follow these steps bellow.

    •       Prepare all your materials and tools.
    •       Before you make holes to the cans, fill them with water and then put them in the freezer. This way, you will not risk  denting the cans when making holes.
    •       Use a marker to make writing pattern on the cans, write “trick or treat” or anything that suits your party. When you had your pattern done by marker, now it’s time to re-write it by making holes following the line. It’s a good idea to put a towel under the can so it will not move around when you hit the nail to make holes.
    •       Keep hitting the can with nail and hammer until you finish writing the pattern that you designed earlier, be careful and try not to hurt your own fingers.
    •       When the pattern is complete, melt the ice inside the can. You can just wait, but it is always faster to just dip your can into warm water.
    •       Dry your can. Check if there’s any bend on the wall or at the bottom of the can. You need to repair them by gently knocking on the bended area. Do it slowly, and use towel to prevent further damage.
    •       Paint it black ! Yes, black will give a vintage look to your Halloween party.
    •       Next, prepare a tooth pick. Yes tooth pick. What for? To make sure that the holes you made is not covered by dried paint, just push it to the covered holes and the paint that clogged them will go.
    •       Last thing, put candle inside the can. Light it up and, voila! It looks  nice and fantastic. Trick or treat
    Ideas Source : http://www.jollymom.com/do-it-yourself-halloween-tin-can-luminaries-tutorial/

    Candy Corn Cones

    Everything else is done, time to make food replica as decoration.  We are going to make candy corn cones decoration. What you need to prepare are some styrofoam cones, there are several sizes you can choose according to your need, glue, and colorful wool yarn. Use at least three colors, for example yellow, orange and white. The next steps are :

    •       Prepare all your materials.
    •       Measure each cone, and then divide it into 3 parts, bottom, middle, and top. Mark the position of those division. 3 Divisions for three yarn colors.
    •       Let’s start from the top, put some glue on the top  part.  And then wind the white yarn on that part evenly. Make sure it covers the 1/3 top part.
    •       After the yarn completely covered the desired area, to add some visual touch to the decorations, add second layer of yarn in random manner.
    •       Do these steps for the rest of the cone. Middle and bottom part, with different yarn color, of course.
    •         Your candy corn cones are ready for Halloween decoration. It look tasty indeed, but do not give in to the temptation, surely styrofoam is not edible :)
    Ideas Source : http://www.simplydesigning.net/2011/10/candy-corn-cones.html