• Heart Glitter BalloonsFebruary 10, 2015

    Get ready for your Valentine’s day with unique decorations to celebrate love and romance.

    For the festival of love, Wiggle Giggle will share special inspiring ideas for your Valentine’s Day parties.

    Let’s prepare a glitter heart balloon. You can use this kind of balloon for Valentine’s Day party decoration or for photo props with your loved ones.


    • Latex balloon
    • Heart shaped paper (you decide the size)
    • Glue
    • Glitter powder

    Here are the things you do to make it a special valentine’s balloon .

    • Prepare all materials

    • Spread the glue evenly on the surface of your heart shaped paper. This glue will hold the glitter powder that you are going to sprinkle over it.
    • When it is done, start spreading the glitter powder evenly over the paper’s surface. Choose the glitter color as you like, match it with your mood and your taste
    • Wait for the glue to dry up, and while waiting, you can start inflating the balloon
    • Fill the balloon with air or helium gas so it is able to float
    • Balloon’s well inflated, now let’s get back to our glitter heart. Stick the heart to the balloon with glue

    • Your glitter heart balloon is now ready for Valentine’s Day.
    • You can put the balloon on a stick or tie it with ribbon Your choice.

    With this balloon, we have further variation. How about using this balloon to express your love and affection to your special person? This is how. 

    1. Prepare 3 transparent or white balloons.
    2. Prepare papers with the heart, and letters I and U
    3. Inflate the balloons with helium gas and tie them with wiggle giggle’s nylon ribbon 
    4. After the balloons are ready, you can start making spreading glitter powder to the heart and letters. Use appropriate colors, maybe pink glitter for the heart, just an idea. Just do the steps as explained above.
    5. Now stick the paper heart and letters to the balloons. 
    6. You can decorate the bottom of the balloons with Wiggle Giggle’s tassel garland.
    Have fun creating with the balloons
    Happy Valentine Dear..

    Product available at wiggle giggle : black solid balloons, stick and cup