• Milk Bottle IdeaJune 17, 2014

    Want to use milk bottle for your children’s party. Do you want to make those bottles look cute and attractive?
    Wiggle Giggle prepared this idea that you can surely use to make your party’s milk bottles look outstanding.

    Materials : Milk Bottle, Baby Pink Stripe Paper Straws, Sprinkle, Sugar 

    Steps :

    • Get the materials that you need ready, milk bottle, paper straws, sprinkle and sugar.


    • Heat the sugar inside a pan, let it melt and stir. Remember to use low heat burner to prevent the burning of sugar and turn it into brown caramel.
    • Put the melted sugar in a bowl. Take the milk bottle. Dip the mouth in the sugar, be careful and make sure the melted sugar doesn’t flow inside the milk bottle. 

    • After all surface of the mouth is covered with liquid sugar, pour the sprinkle so it will completely cover the bottle’s mouth. Sprinkles colour are interchangeably depends on your colour themes. Other than this type of sprinkles you can also use rice sprinkles.

    • Milk bottle is ready to be used for serving milk or othe kinds of beverages. Don’t forget to put the paper straws as the final touch.

    Simple right! Now you can do it yourself at home and make your party even better!!

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