• Minnion Character BalloonsApril 01, 2015

    Your kid just love the minions character? Minion balloons will surely make the party for your little one. Now you can make these minions characters with various shapes of face.

    Wiggle Giggle will show you how.

    First thing, prepare a solid balloon, yellow solid balloon, plus minion sticker, scissors and glue. For the minion sticker, you can print the image on a piece of paper or sticker paper. You won’t need the glue if you use sticker paper, of course. For this tutorial, Wiggle Giggle just use a regular paper.

    What you need to do are.

    • Prepare all materials

    • Cut the image that you are goint to stick to the balloons.

    • Inflate the balloon after that.

    • Spread the glue to the image. Stick it carefully to the balloon’s surface.


    Minion character balloons are ready for the party!

    Same steps can be used to prepare balloons for other characters.

    Products available at Wiggle Giggle : yellow solid balloons, stick and cups