• Ninja Turtle HoneycombFebruary 16, 2015

    Hi moms..

    Planning to decorate your son’s bedroom? Or just throwing a party for him?

    Here’s an idea for decoration in the form of your child’s various favorite characters.

    You can use honeycomb or paper decoration, this will not become something monotonous, because you can make different characters to be used on the honeycomb. Even more, it’s easy to prepare and to make.

    What you need to prepare are :

    • Honeycomb, you can choose the color and size as you like
    • Craft Paper
    • Paper eye
    • Scissors
    • Glue

    And now here’s an example of what you do to decorate the honeycomb.

    • Open the honeycomb so it becomes a full round ball.

    • Tie craft paper around the honeycomb right in the middle, this will look like the eye mask. Gently tie it up on the back. And it is a good idea to leave the dangling part a little long just for the looks.

    • After that, stick the paper eye in the front part.

    • Voila! Your ninja turtle honeycomb is ready. Make many and hang them on the ceiling for parties or just a bedroom decorations.

    And remember. The honeycomb can be re-used again to make other characters. So it is simple and cheap.

    Product available at wiggle giggle : green honeycomb 20cm , green honeycomb 15cm