• Paper Straw Ideas CollectionJune 16, 2014

         1.   Frame Paper Straw

    With this paper straws creation, you can make your very own personal photo frame from paper straws. Decorate your photo presentation in your favorite choice of colors. Timeless favorite moments in dazzling looks.

    Tools and Materials : lime green paper straw, aqua blue stripe paper straw, duplex papers, glue, photograph, scissors

    Steps :

    • Prepare duplex paper, cut it to the size of the frame that you want to make.
    • Glue the photograph to the duplex paper. Make sure it’s right in the middle of the paper.
    • After that prepare some full length paper straws and also some straws that have been cut into 3 pieces.
    • Glue paper straws to the duplex paper. You can use one color or  more, as many as you want.
    • You can stick the paper straws to the bottom and top parts first. Work it to the middle. Then you can use the cut straws to complete the frame.
    • Wait for several minutes to make sure your straws stick well to the paper.
    • Finally, your paper straws photo frame is ready to decorate your living room or your bedroom. 

    Photo Source : http://makinglemonadeblog.com/5-ways-to-decorate-craft-frame-kids/

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    2. Tree Paper Straw Cupcake


    Paper straws can also be used as book reading companion or cupcake decoration.

    Your little ones like reading books, like The Lorax maybe? Make their readings more fun with funny cupcakes on the side. You only need to have the cupcakes, paper straws and cotton candies.

    Next thing, stick the paper straws to the cupcake, the on the top part you can put cotton candies as decoration. Simple and delicious way to make cute and beautiful looking cupcakes.

    Photo Source : http://www.hankandhunt.com/home/2012/2/24/kids-party-idea-the-lorax-truffula-toppers.html

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    3. Topper Cake with Paper Straw


    You like to make your own tarts for the party? You can add attractive toppers for your tarts. All you need is a few paper straws to make writings showing your love to your special ones. You can also form shapes like flags from your paper straws. Hang your writing with a thin string by the end, that’s all you have to do to decorate your tarts uniquely.

    Photo Source : http://www.100layercake.com/blog/2011/03/24/crafty-cake-toppers/

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    4. Garland Paper Straw

    You can also use paper straws as wall decorations for every occasion you hold at home. You can make paper straws garland for decoration. First, you need some paper straws, hanging string, and scissors. Next thing, cut the paper straws into 3 parts, and then string them one by one. Easy way to make party decorations.

    Photo Source : http://bugger-dixonline.blogspot.com/2011/06/paper-straw-garland-tutorial.html

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    5. Paper Straw for Photo Both Props

    No party is fun without taking pictures. You can use paper straws to make properties for your pictures. Just prepare some paper straws and colorful omega papers. Make various shapes from the omega papers. Various shapes of mustache, lips, glasses frame, anything you like. Then just stick them to paper straws with glue. Now you have photo properties for the special occasion.

    Photo Source : http://wolfandwillow.typepad.com/toffeeblog/

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    6. Banana Chocolate with Paper Straw

    Have you prepared the party’s dessert? You can make banana chocolate for your party, but don’t forget to give them extra touch using paper straws. Use the papaer straws as sticks for the banana chocolate. Of course you will need bananas, chocolate topping, nuts and don’t forget the paper straws. Next things will be :
    • Cut bananas into pieces in proper length, and the stick them with paper straws.
    • Dip bananas into melted chocolate.
    • Put topping to them as you like.
    • Finally, your banana chocolate paper straws are ready to be served on your dessert table. 

    Photo Source : http://www.bakersroyale.com/fruit/banana-pops/

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    7. Flag Paper Straw

    Before you use paper straws for drinking, why don’t you put  label creation on it. Even papaer straws need to look extraordinary on your dessert table. You can make flags and stickthem to the straws. It’s easy. You only need to prepare the straws, omega papers, scissors, glue and markers. Cut the papers to make flags, any kind of shape you like, and then write down something on it. Guests names, or interesting and funny words for example. The wrap the end of them to paper straws with glue. Done. They’re ready.

    Photo Source : http://homemadegrits.blogspot.com/2011/09/mathilda-and-orange-balloon-party-diys.html

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    8. Bucket Flower Paper Straw

    This is a special expression for mother’s day. You can make a special bucket for your special mother with bucket flower paper straws. Just prepare some papaer straws, jar, scissors, glue, and paper. And this is how you do it.
    • Prepare omega papers in rectangular shape, fold it into 4  parts. 
    • Draw the petal shape on each part.
    • Cut your petal design, and then open up the folding, you have a paper flower.
    • You can add the leaves, or for the petals you can use japanese ribbons.
    • Make holes at center of each flower with perforator.
    • Arrange the flowers, leaves, glue them.
    • Next, slide them into paper straws.
    • Make as many flowers as you want and arrange them in a jar or a bucket. You can also decorate the bucket with twines or glittery tape.
    • A beautiful flower bucket is ready for Mother’s day.
    Photo Source : http://ohjoy.blogs.com/my_weblog/2012/05/sweet-sips-for-mom.html

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