• Polka BottleDecember 08, 2014

    Want to make your dessert table looks different? Why don’t you try this trick.

    Wiggle Giggle have an unique idea to share, you can surely use it for your party.


    You can make your milk bottles or your pudding jars be cheerfully colorful for your party. And it’s very easy. You may think that it will involve painting the bottles, but you are wrong. Painting is time consuming and you will have to face the risk that the result is not clean and neat enough. We say, why don’t you use polka balloons or other latex balloons to make your bottle looks different? It’s very very easy and best of all, you can change the color or the motive as you like it, when you like it, to match your party theme.

    Materials that you need


    And then follow these steps bellow :

    • Prepare all tools.

    • Prepare your balloon, then cut the end, the part where you blow it. Make sure your cut is straight and neat, so it will look nice when applied. You have to think about the size too, fit it with the bottle or jar that you want to use. See also about the height or length. You don’t want your balloon to become too short. 

    • After that, just wrap the balloon to the bottle. Start from the bottom and then pull the balloon up all the way to the top and it covers the body as you like it.

    • Decorate the bottle further with twines, tags or you can use your paper straws.

    • You have a decorated and colorful bottle or jar.

    Now you see, you can use any available colors and motif available to your taste and party theme, you don’t need to do paintings which is permanent or at least takes extra effort when you want to change the color. And also, you can re-use the bottle for other occasions.

    Happy shopping and good luck in trying! 

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