• Sparkling BalloonsFebruary 16, 2015

    Do you feel like having a party in glamour?

    Sparkling balloons are an alternative for the party decoration. After all, glamorous doesn’t always mean expensive.


    What you want to do for your party is prepare transparent balloons, star sequins, and something to inflate the balloons, stick cup balloons and ribbon.


    And below are the simple steps for making sparkling balloons.

    • Just fill the balloons with sequins. As much as you like.

    • Choose whatever color you want, but for glamorous effects, we suggest gold and silver. Combine the silver and gold stars, and it will not be a mistake.

    • Just inflate the balloons afterwards.

    • They are ready! So easy..
    • Balloons can also be used as photo props.


    And , another idea just came. Why don’t you fill the balloons with glitter powder!

    Have fun experimenting.....

    Product available at wiggle giggle : transparent solid balloons, stick and cup