• Twine Ideas CollectionJune 06, 2014

    Twine, those all familiar colorful threads. You can use twine to decorate various accessories or party gifts. Wiggle Giggle will share some inspirational ideas of what you can do with those beautiful strings called twine.

    1. Twine Card

    Give that extra touch to your birthday cards, thank-you cards, invitation cards and many other cards with wiggle giggle’s collection of colorful twines. Make your own personal creation for your personal party cards. Just prepare the cards, twine, scissors and you are good to go decorating cards with twines. 

    Photo Source : http://scrappantry.blogspot.com/2011/03/bakers-twine-card-idea.html

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    2. Twine Gift Box


    Make your gifts stand out with colorful twines. Combine them with your choice of color combination. Special gifts need to have special looks by adding special accessories in packaging. This is all so easy, prepare your gifts and your colorful twines of choice. Stick them to the gifts, or tie them around in decorative knots. Add more additional accessories to accentuate the uniqueness. 
    Photo Source : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/1337074858896093/

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    3. Paper Bag with Twine

    Goodie bags are no stranger in every special events or parties. These flat paper bags or standing paper bags can also be decorated with twines. Twines can only function as decoration or can be used as handling ropes for standing paper bags or furthermore, they can be used as accessories for the thank-you labels.

    Photo Source : http://whiskergraphics.com/blog/tag/bakers-twine/page/4/

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    4. Twine with Wooden Board


    Want to throw a party with vintage theme? Combinations of wooden board and twine can be the party properties of choice. Just have the wooden boards, twines and other accessories. Consider also to add names of your loved ones on the wooden board decorations.

    Photo Source : http://www.2berryblog.com/home/category/organization

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    5. Twine with Wooden Pegs

    Who doesn’t like taking pictures? You would always want to capture those precious special moments of your life. Pictures of how your babies grew up, pictures with your loved ones... Those pictures can be used as party decorations, like baby shower celebration. Prepare some pictures of the special baby and then hang them in the room using twines as hanging ropes. Also use classic wooden pegs to hold the pictures onto the twines. Enjoy and get special moments for your party.

    Photo Source : 

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    6. Twine with Cookies

    Twines not only used for stuffs , you can make your delicious cookies look much more attractive and eye-catching by tying twines around them.

    Photo Source : http://wickedgoodkitchen.com/cookie-butter-snickerdoodles/ 

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    7. Twine for Wrapping

    Is it too ordinary for you to just put cookies inside transparent plastic? Is it too simple and boring? Now you don’t have to feel too plain and bored because you can decorate the plastic bags with twines. You can use twines to tie those plastic bags.

    Photo Source : http://www.gallamorewest.com/2013/11/thanksgiving-burlap-bag-treats.html

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    8. Twine Tag


    Have you prepared tags for the souvenirs or your goodie bags? Use twines to tie those tags to the souvenirs and goodie bags. Choose the color to match the theme of tags and goodie bags. Make it a colorful party full of colorful stuffs.

    Photo Source : http://especiallymade.blogspot.com/2013/10/breast-cancer-awareness-tags.html

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    9. Twine Cupcake for Display

    Do you want to decorate your dessert table or put something special for center pece to make it look attractive? Twine Cupcake is the right coice. It is an artificial cupcake for dessert table accessories only. You will need plastic eggs, small plastic ball, twines, glue, papers and cupcake wrappers.
    Here’s how you make them :

    • Take the plastic eggs and put glue on it. 
    •  Wrap twine around it, cover all surface.
    • When the glue dried, make garnish from glitter paper stick them with glue and don’t forget to put the topping from small.
    • Wait until the glue dried up and your artificial cupcake is ready to be “served” in cupcake wrapper.

    Photo Source : http://blog.hwtm.com/2012/10/diy-twine-cupcake-tutorial/

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