• Unique Handmade Invitation CardDecember 22, 2014

    Invitation card is a must for parties. A unique creation can be prepared from paper straw, paper and wooden peg. It will make you a nice invitation card.
    This can be used for your invitation to bridal shower, classic sweet seventeen party, or you can use them to tell your friend that she’s been chosen to be the bridesmaid or the maid of honour.
    Also, with a little bit of additional creativity touch, it can be used as your kids’ birthday party invitation. 


    Here’s how you make them.

    Material : invitation paper, paper straw, wooden peg, tape 

    Steps :

    • Get the paper straws and wooden pegs ready.

    • Prepare the invitation paper that’s been shaped as your plan and, of course with the informations on it (if you are confident with your handwriting, it is always a good idea to have a handwritten invitation, of course this only applies to provate parties with only limited number of invitation).
    • Stick the paper straw using the sticky tape to the back of the invitation 
    • Choose the kind of paper straw to match your invitation theme.

    • Clip a wooden peg on the corner to add a special touch.
    • Your cute and unique invitation is now ready. 

    Product available at wiggle giggle : gold star paper straws, large white wooden pegs