Frequently Asked Questions

Wiggle Giggle is considered a trusted seller, it has& runs its own outlet(s) and operates to a high standard of ethics and integrity.

Protecting privacy is very important to us, so members’ data will be owned by Wiggle Giggle and access data will be secured & protected from unauthorized parties.

Orders and Deliveries

• What should I do when I want to make an urgent order a.s.a.p.?

Answer : For urgent orders and earliest deliveries, please call 024-33043554024-33043554.

For same day deliveries, order(s) are to be placed before 11.00am WIB and payment(s) is/are to be received before 1.00pm WIB. This will facilitate the order(s) to be delivered on the next working day.

• I have placed an order but I have not received the confirmation email, what should I do?

Answer : you can email us at: or call us at 024-33043554024-33043554 for faster response. we will immediately check the status of the order (ie whether it has gone through) and will advise you immediately.

• For deliveries of milk bottles, which are fragile and easily broken, is there any assurance that they will notbe broken during deliveries?

Answer : For deliveries of milk bottles and other glassware or chinaware, unfortunately we would not be able to guarantee 100% non-breakage because during the delivery they will be delivered and handled by third parties.

The exception is for deliveries within and around the Semarang area, as Wiggle Giggle will be responsible for the delivery. We suggest packing them in wooden pallets to minimize the risk of damages, although this would incured extra cost. Nevertheless, please be rest assured we will do our very best to secure the packing(s).

• How will deliveries be made?

Answer : We use JNE for our deliveries. In the case of the parcel(s) weighing more than 10kgs, we will contact you for alternatives expedition company (Applies for Java and Bali deliveries only).


• How long will the deliveries take?

Answer : Delivery time will depend on the service(s) or the product(s) chosen, and also the condition and distance of the delivery destination
(maybe explain a little bit what you mean by “condition”)


• Do you also offer dropship and reseller ?

Answer : Yes, we do offer dropship and reseller transactions for every buyer. Please email us at for more details.


• Do you also do International shipping?

Answer : Yes, we do offer dropship and reseller transactions for every buyer. Please email us at for more details.



• Do you also do International shipping?

Answer : Yes, we do International orders. Please contact us at for details and shipping arrangement as the shipping cost will be varies. 


About the products and pricing

• Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Answer : Yes we do! Please email us for further details.


• How long will paper straws for drinking last?

Answer : Paper straws will last for 8 hours and are recommended for cold drinks.

• Does the color on paper straws come off to water and drinks?

Answer : The color on paper straws does not come off against drinking liquid.

• Numbers and alphabet balloon - can they be inflated with a normal air pump? Can they be re-used?

Answer : For best quality and to ensure that they float nicely, balloons should be inflated with helium gas .The foil balloons are to be used once only and are to be disposed of after usage; numbers and alphabet balloon should not be re-deflated.

• Can paper cups be used for hot or warm water?

Answer : Paper cups are recommended for cold drinks only.

• How can I be sure to tell the difference between balloons O & C, and N & H, 5 & S, 8 & S ?

Answer : Our foil balloons might look very similar in a glance, but please do not panic. Please refer to the photos bellow for illustration. Please note that our O foil balloon has a slight gap in it; but once inflated, the gap will automatically disappear and the balloon becomes fully round O-shape balloon.


• How to inflate the foil balloons? Should I use Helium or air pump?

Answer : Please visit the link bellow and watch the instruction.

The 16” or 40cm foil balloons will not be able to float even with helium gas due to the size and the weight of the balloons. However the 90cm foil balloons will float in the air using Helium gas.



Float or not? (Helium gas)

12” Polkadots Balloons


12” Solid or Metallic Balloons


Character foil balloons 


40cm shapes balloons (heart, round starts)


40cm foil letters and numbers balloon


90cm foil letters and numbers balloon




Returns and Exchange Policy

• Can purchased items be returned and replaced?

Answer : Items that have already been purchased and paid for cannot be returned.

Replacements would be offered when mistakes have been committed by Wiggle Giggle and/or damage(s) were caused during the delivery by Wiggle Giggle.


• Can I cancel an order?

Answer : A placed order can be cancelled only before any payment has been made.


• Your delivery does not match with what I ordered, what should I do?

Answer : Please contact us directly at 024-33043554024-33043554 and have your order number ready and let us know if the good(s) you received does not match with what you ordered. We will do everything in our professional capacity to rectify the situation.