Terms and Conditions :


Our normal operational hours are:

Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday: 8.00am – 03.00pm

We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Please note we ship only during working days. For orders placed on Sundays or Public Holidays, the shipping would have to wait until the next working day although the JNE YES (one day service) method has been selected.

Please take into account the possible delivery delays caused by Sunday and Public Holidays.



A. Products Stocked

Products that are sold are the same products as indicated inside the product catalogue.

Our stock of products will always change according to thelevel of purchase patterns.
We will contact you if there is a product that runs out of stocks.

B. Price

Prices shown are fixed prices.

Prices changed without prior notice

Prices listed on the website do not include the cost of delivery

C. Payment

Payments can be made by bank transfer (BCA or Mandiri) to the account provided on this website.
   Please send us your payment confirmation through the email provided.

If an order is made through the ‘yes’ (One day service) facility, payment needs to be made before 13.00pm WIB for same day delivery.
  When payment is received after that deadline, automatically the delivery will be made on the following day.

Orders that have not been paid for more than 48hours after the order has been placed will be automatically cancelled from the system.

D. Delivery

We are not responsible  for any delays cause by third party's (shipping company). We cannot guarantee the arrival time of your package. However, if there is any delay occur we will ensure you to do our best effort to monitor your package.

Deliveries will be made through JNE services. Please do not hesitate to ask your tracking number if you have not received the email from us.

Delivery time will depend on the service chosen and also the condition and distance of the destination.
   Details as bellow:

   ~ JNE Yes: 1-2 days delivery time

   ~ JNE Reg: 2-3 days delivery time
   ~ JNE Oke: 3-4 days delivery time



E. Return and Cancellation

Replacements can only be given when mistakes have been made and/or damage was caused during deliveries by Wiggle Giggle

A placed order can be cancelled only before any payment has been made

• Please note that Wiggle Giggle will not be responsible for damage and broken packages and goods delivered by Expedition Company.